A Letter From Us to You

This issue of The Meander has been a long time coming – thanks for your patience!

Working slowly does have its advantages; we get to spend a lot of time with the work of our contributors and interviewees, and there is a kind of serendipity to how things unfold. There is always a moment right near the end where we step back and are invigorated all over again by the remarkable people we’ve featured and the unexpected ways that their works interact as part of the finished whole.

We hope you enjoy Issue 04... the sublime landscapes of Laura Skerlj; the intriguing wearable stories of Serena Holm; Justin Ridler’s gorgeous limbs and bodies; Andrea Kleinloog’s beautiful resourcefulness for Anatomy Design; one week in photos by Alpine’s Tim Royall; Malin Gabriella Nordin’s search for missing pieces; Gosia Piatek’s rebellious new collection for Kowtow; and Katja Kremenić’s languid holiday images set to music by Oknai.

We feel honoured to feature them all.

We’d like to thank you for your support of The Meander Journal in its first year out in the world. Wishing you happy holidays, safe travels, and an inspired start to the year ahead. See you there!

Julian, Fraser, Casey and Nic