A Letter from Us to You

June 2013 

It’s a rainy weekend where we are – perfect conditions in which to put the finishing touches to Issue 06.

This time round, we were stoked to hear from Rosario Florio of esteemed Swiss partnership Kasper-Florio. Closer to home, we got a glimpse of the creative space of Sunroom Press in Tasmania. And we spoke to Bill McCorkell and David Martin, the inspired Australian architect-builder team designing covetable garden studios.

Soon, Julian and Fraser head to Europe for five weeks. The trip is a chance to break from routine, explore unfamiliar places, meet like-minded strangers, and gather new material and perspectives for The Meander. Curiously, some of those sentiments emerged in this issue…

New Yorkers Cait Oppermann and Yael Malka chatted about creating a photo book while travelling through Turkey, Morocco and Europe. Canberra photographer Lee Grant also articulated ideas about home, otherness and belonging. French artist Johanna Tagada, whose work is imbued with the spirit of an adventurous gypsy, talked to us from her adopted home, Berlin. And Melbourne artist Hannah Bertram, whose quiet, labour-intensive installations ponder the preciousness of passing experience, described the thrill of working in New York.

Our love letter to Istanbul was in the works before the Taksim Square protests began, but took on extra significance in light of the extraordinary determination of the city’s people. We hope that Jarvis Archer’s pictures of this electric, special place convey its beauty and our admiration.

Enjoy Issue 06. Until next time, safe travels.

  Photo by Jarvis Archer

Photo by Jarvis Archer