A Letter from Us to You

June 2014

Welcome to Issue 08 of The Meander.

Everyone we interviewed this time round touched on ideas about the environments they live in. 

Julian chatted to Dutch artist Helmut Smits, who often chooses to create work in public spaces, deftly challenging our perceptions of the everyday and of nature. 

Montreal's Matthew Feyld wove between his studio and his neighbourhood in his Once a Day photographic feature, while Laura Skerlj (who we interviewed back in Issue 04) spent time with Melbourne artist Catherine Evans, discussing bodies both heavenly and human.

Casey talked to Australian artist Deb Mansfield about her preoccupation with shifting tides. Also no strangers to water's ebb and flow are Venice-based graphic designers Lorenzo Mason and Marco Campardo (Tankboys), who spoke to Julian about the relationship between their city and their work.

We visited designers Paul Marcus Fuog and Uriah Gray at their Melbourne studio and discussed the evolving landscape of graphic design, and Fraser spoke to American photographer Caitlin Teal Price about her intriguing images of people in urban settings. 

We also heard from Chloe Sugden and Christopher Williams-Wynn following the launch of their publication, Dissect Journal. Their first issue tackles debates around the privatisation of public space and its ramifications for contemporary artists.

We're all engaged in reciprocal relationships with our environments—we affect and are affected by the landscapes, beaches, skies and man-made structures that surround us. Art allows us to reflect on and test these boundaries.

There's lots to think about here—we hope you enjoy this issue.

Casey, Fraser and Julian


  Photo by Fraser Stanley

Photo by Fraser Stanley