A Letter from Us to You

Welcome to Issue 05 of The Meander –
our first for 2013

Our ideas for this instalment began with coffee and notebooks, and crept out across Australia to India, Portugal, England, America and The Netherlands. It developed its own texture and personality – of wide-eyed explorers, broken-down treasures, small-is-beautiful design, and the transcendent possibilities of art and music.

Nic skipped town to travel through India, returning with many rolls of film and a visual diary for The Meander. Casey and her husband Jarvis Archer shared their vision of Portugal’s dilapidated, sea-salty beauty. And Sydney interiors legend Sibella Court, who also happened to be in India, was kind enough to send us a week through her stylist’s lens. 

Julian quizzed two of his favourite creatives – Adam Michaels of New York design studio Project Projects, and Daniel Westwood from UK studio Family. 

On a recent trip to Melbourne, Fraser checked out Magic Johnston – Collingwood’s light-filled design and arts complex – and spent time with the remarkable creative force that is Grant Gronewold, a.k.a. HTML Flowers.

And, having stumbled across the work of Dutch brothers Martijn and Kamiel Blom, we were inspired to hear more about their business salvaging forgotten things from abandoned buildings. The Blom brothers’ sentiments echo our own: ‘In our current world of wealth, luxury and mass production, a lot of people feel a tendency towards authenticity. Something real, something that counts.’

We hope you find some of that here. 

Until next time,

Julian, Fraser, Casey and Nic

 Photo by Folkert Gorter

Photo by Folkert Gorter