The Air Above This Ground: Hassan Rahim

Hassan Rahim has a show opening in LA this Friday, 18 January at HWV8 Art + Design Gallery.

'Don King’s face looms large, fixed in an impish smirk across from a then-naïve-but-very-dangerous Mike Tyson. Between them is a Lamborghini Countach. A marble backdrop could be a galaxy or an ocean. This particular piece is both exceptional and typical of Rahim’s work. His usual themes – competition, excellence, and the decadence that come with them – are all present, but in this work you also find a keen intuition of the antagonism that pervades the lives of the icons in play in the collage. The curious detail here is that there is a fight going on, not between fighters but rather the real fight: between fighter and promoter.' 

If you're in LA, go see it before 22 February. You can read our interview with Hassan here.

Hassan Rahim2.jpg
Hassan Rahim3.jpg