Another Small Studio: objects for nomads

Melbourne design duo Linda Raimondo and Tom Shaw are Another Small Studio, and we rather like the collection they launched at the Milan Salone Satelitte recently.

Inspired by their experiences of moving around the world, their objects are designed to dismantle easily, and bear traces of the cities they have called home.

The Omoto bench is inspired by Tokyo, its leg components held together by traditional dry joints; the Preston table's laser-cut steel echoes Melbourne's angular forms; the Stile stool is based on stone walls in the north of England; and the NW6 clock marks time in a city that never sleeps...

Another Small Studio-Omoto-01.jpg
Another Small Studio-Omoto-02.jpg
Another Small Studio-Preston-01.jpg
Another Small Studio-Preston-03.jpg
Another Small Studio-Stile-01.jpg
Another Small Studio-NW6-01.jpg