A Dot on a Line: group show

A Dot on a Line is a one-night group show curated by Henry Andersen and Callum Ross. Presented as part of the Queensland Festival of Photography, the exhibition is on this Friday, 18 April at Metro Arts in Brisbane.

The show features six young, predominantly Brisbane-based artists responding to photographic concerns through various media, including sculpture, text, installation and video.

Artists: Dan McCabe, Emma Leslie, Callum Ross, Henry Andersen, Dave Chatfield and Felix Merry
Date: Friday 18 April 2014
Show: 6pm—9pm 
After-party: 9pm—late (featuring DJ Charles Murdoch)
Venue: 4th Floor Metro Arts, 109 Edward st, Brisbane

"The focus of A Dot on a Line is the 'unfixed image'. Rather than regarding a photograph as something singular and detached from time, the exhibition instead draws attention to its processual elements: what happens before the image becomes fixed? How can an image disrupt time and how can it be disrupted? How can context shift the shape and function of an image? The exhibition attempts to emphasise the fluidity of an image — the empty intervals of a line between the discrete moments of a dot."