Obsessive, Compulsive, Self Publish: Desktop Magazine

This month's issue of Desktop Magazine focuses on self publishing. In this issue 30 pages were handed over to designers and publishers to do with them as they pleased. They were then risograph printed by Dawn Press in Melbourne.

We at The Meander were lucky enough to be asked to contribute a spread to the issue.

You can subscribe to get your copy here.

Photography: Fraser Stanley
Design: Julian Hutton

A Dot on a Line: group show

A Dot on a Line is a one-night group show curated by Henry Andersen and Callum Ross. Presented as part of the Queensland Festival of Photography, the exhibition is on this Friday, 18 April at Metro Arts in Brisbane.

The show features six young, predominantly Brisbane-based artists responding to photographic concerns through various media, including sculpture, text, installation and video.

Artists: Dan McCabe, Emma Leslie, Callum Ross, Henry Andersen, Dave Chatfield and Felix Merry
Date: Friday 18 April 2014
Show: 6pm—9pm 
After-party: 9pm—late (featuring DJ Charles Murdoch)
Venue: 4th Floor Metro Arts, 109 Edward st, Brisbane

"The focus of A Dot on a Line is the 'unfixed image'. Rather than regarding a photograph as something singular and detached from time, the exhibition instead draws attention to its processual elements: what happens before the image becomes fixed? How can an image disrupt time and how can it be disrupted? How can context shift the shape and function of an image? The exhibition attempts to emphasise the fluidity of an image — the empty intervals of a line between the discrete moments of a dot."


This is the Same Ocean issue 4

The fourth issue of the Melbourne/Berlin based risograph photography journal, This is the Same Ocean, has been released this month. The journal continues to experiment with print and production techniques and will definitely be a pleasure to look through.

The issue features work from David Boyson Cooper (Glasgow, Scotland), Lasse Dearman (Copenhagen, Denmark), Marijn Degenaar (Berlin, Germany / Gouda, The Netherlands), Jasmine Deporta (Bolzano, Italy), Victoria Mak (St Petersburg, Russia), Jessica Prescott (Berlin, Germany / Napier, New Zealand), Joe Skilton (London, UK), Katarina Šoškić (Vienna, Austria / Belgrade, Serbia), Ana Tabatadze (Berlin, Germany / Tbilisi, Georgia) and curator-publisher Samuel J Davison (Berlin, Germany / Melbourne, Australia).

The launch is at Studio \ - (Emser Straße 12, Berlin, 12051) on March 13th from 7pm.

If you aren’t in Berlin don’t fear, you can purchase your copy online in the coming weeks.


Promo spread 1.png
Promo spread 2.png
Source: http://www.thisisthesameocean.com/

Gábor Arion Kudász book giveaway

We interviewed Hungarian photographer Gábor Arion Kudász for our latest issue. To celebrate the launch of Issue 07, Arion was kind enough to offer a copy of his almost sold-out book, Middle

Middle is a unique publication—it is an interactive photo-book that is designed much like a scrapbook or personal diary. 

To enter the competition check out our Facebook page

Read our interview with Gábor Arion Kudász


"Middle is the time of intervention and prosperity. It marks the middle of life, when energies and visions are abundant. As we struggle to attain some ill-defined summit, hidden behind the clouds, days go by in a hectic and often uncontrollable congestion that accompanies the construction of a self-image incorporating family, career, home improvements and self-reproduction. This era, sparked by the conception of my oldest son, ended sharply when my mother passed away in 2010. At that time Bogi was again carrying our child."


Faur Zsófi Edition, 2012. Limited edition of 100 signed copies. 68 pages, 30 colour images, plus 14 stickers. Softcover (linen or leather bound).

Have a look at how the book functions below. 


المغرب Naissance d’un amour: Johanna Tagada

Photographs taken by Johanna Tagada on her recent trip to Morocco, to be published in a new zine, ‎المغرب Naissance d’un amour

Johanna's an artist with a light touch, a gentle feel for colour, and a tangible love of the pattern and texture of exotic lands. 

"The images are not spectacular or impressive. I see them as soft and calming poems. Through them I tried to give an honest report of this journey, of the way i felt."

Johanna's on the lookout for collaborators to help publish the zine

 La Chaise Mysterieuse, Marrakech

La Chaise Mysterieuse, Marrakech

 Morning Agadir

Morning Agadir

 Taxi au Maroc, Agadir, on the way back to the airport

Taxi au Maroc, Agadir, on the way back to the airport

 Marche Agadir, les caisses bleues

Marche Agadir, les caisses bleues

Source: http://www.bonjourjohanna.com/