This is the Same Ocean issue 4

The fourth issue of the Melbourne/Berlin based risograph photography journal, This is the Same Ocean, has been released this month. The journal continues to experiment with print and production techniques and will definitely be a pleasure to look through.

The issue features work from David Boyson Cooper (Glasgow, Scotland), Lasse Dearman (Copenhagen, Denmark), Marijn Degenaar (Berlin, Germany / Gouda, The Netherlands), Jasmine Deporta (Bolzano, Italy), Victoria Mak (St Petersburg, Russia), Jessica Prescott (Berlin, Germany / Napier, New Zealand), Joe Skilton (London, UK), Katarina Šoškić (Vienna, Austria / Belgrade, Serbia), Ana Tabatadze (Berlin, Germany / Tbilisi, Georgia) and curator-publisher Samuel J Davison (Berlin, Germany / Melbourne, Australia).

The launch is at Studio \ - (Emser Straße 12, Berlin, 12051) on March 13th from 7pm.

If you aren’t in Berlin don’t fear, you can purchase your copy online in the coming weeks.

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Colophon Foundry nominated for Design of the Year

Congratulations to Anthony and Edd of The Entente/Colophon Foundry, who have been nominated for Design of the Year by London's Design Museum for their work with Castledown Primary School. They were still working on this project when we had the pleasure of meeting them for an interview last year.

The project, which started as a small commission for a font family for the school, soon grew to be a full collaboration with the staff and children of Castledown. The type family now functions not only as an identity system, but also helps the kids learn how to write, and it's dyslexia friendly — brilliant!

Find out more about the project

See the other Design of the Year nominations

Read our interview with Anthony Sheret and Edd Harrington


Dumbo Feather issue #38

Dumbo Feather is an Australian magazine that features conversations with extraordinary people. Its combination of long, meaningful interviews and beautiful photography has made it a favourite of ours for years. Their current issue looks great.

"We have dedicated Dumbo Feather issue #38 to those seeking refuge on our shores, in the hope of adding a human voice to what is becoming a very dehumanising conversation."

It includes interviews with:

You can buy Dumbo Feather in good newsagents or order it online (they ship internationally). There's also a free Dumbo Feather iPad app. Pass it on.



One of our favourite Australian graphic design studios, Coöp, has a new name, look and website.

"Positivity and experimentation are at the core of the studio’s practice. Constraints are explored in optimistic and creative ways resulting in inventive new directions. The work of U-P is always current and sometimes personal – informed by observation and a curiosity of contemporary culture."

We're very excited to see more from Paul Fuog and Uriah Gray this year. Enjoy some of their lovely work below and have a read of our interview with friend and collaborator of Paul Fuog's, Axel Peemoeller.

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