Johanna Tagada / Sunroom Press giveaway

In Issue 06 we featured an interview with French artist Johanna Tagada, as well as photographs from the workspace of Sunroom Press.

Johanna (in Berlin) recently collaborated with Liam Scanlan of Sunroom Press (‘a very tiny publishing studio’ in Tasmania) on a lovely artist’s book called ‘Petit Studio, a Studio Portrait’.

We are really pleased to give you the chance to win a copy of ‘Petit Studio, a Studio Portrait’ and a copy of another of Johanna's zines, ‘Colletion #2’.

Head over to our Facebook page to enter.


Petit Studio, a Studio Portrait

‘Petit Studio, a Studio Portrait’ explores the functions of an artist's creative space and the importance of it. Divided into four chapters, it includes an essay as well as 30 of Johanna’s photographs.


52 pages

Color cover and end pages
Copper saddle-stitch

50g white paper 

50g colour paper for the cover

Edition of 50

Signed by Johanna Tagada


Petit Studio 1.jpg
Petit Studio 3.jpg

Colletion #2

'Colletion #2' is a little zine introducing a collection of 24 images and works by Johanna Tagada. It's a small edition of 50 hand-numbered copies. Each one is signed by the artist and includes an original painted page as well as an A5 poster. Printed by a local company in Berlin, and assembled by Johanna Tagada in her studio.


38 pages 

Staple bound 

120g white paper 

160g glossy for the cover

Digital colour print 

One original painting

Hand-numbered and signed by Johanna Tagada

A5 160g poster

Colletion 2 d.jpg
Colletion 2 b.jpg
Colletion 2 c.jpg