Perks and Mini (P.A.M) interview

Shauna Toohey and Misha Hollenbach, the couple behind cult brand P.A.M., take a break from mask-making in Germany to answer some questions for The Meander.


— i. Women's Paris Mexico lookbook 2012
— ii. Men's The Highlife lookbook 2012

All photographs © Perks and Mini




What are you doing today?

We are in Frankfurt doing a residency at an ethnographic museum. Today we are painting masks we made from ceramic. Good times.

Last book read?

Shauna: The Widow Clicquot.

Misha: I read but like looking at pictures.

Favourite piece of clothing when you were a child?

Shauna: Mickey Mouse sweat with my name in flocked letters.

Misha: KISS mask.

First gig? 

Shauna: Public Enemy, Ice T, Nirvana… not sure which was first.

Misha: Can't remember.

Design philosophy?

We believe in a perfect world of goodness, excitement, freedom, fun, stupid times, strange tastes and strange visions. 

We're interested in things that are steeped in mystery, things that cannot be explained. If you believe that a giant serpent vomited up the cosmos, then it sounds cool to us, regardless of whether it happened or not. We're into myths and legends, secret societies, colours, abstract thoughts, nonsense, stupidity, costumes and serious madness.

That's why Egypt, aliens, strange recipes, hallucinogens, primitives, strange balls of light, ESP and Krautrock are so exciting to us.

Best sound?

Shauna: Soundtrack to Akira – super to work to.

Misha: Techno.

Worst fear?

Shauna: Being hungry and having to eat food at a petrol station.

Misha: None.

Beverage of choice? 

Shauna: Aperol Spritz (for Euro summer).

Misha: As above.

Weapon of choice?

Shauna: Hugs.

Misha: My mind.

Best dream you ever had?

Shauna: Since I have been developing my ability to have lucid dreams I think the best is still to come.

Misha: Living it. 

The secret to a good friendship?

Shauna: Cups of tea. 

Misha: Not telling.

The world needs more…

Shauna: Good times.

Misha: Time.

The world needs less…

Shauna: Police.

Misha: People.